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Righteous Gathering


This is the start of an epic story of survival. A family and their community rally against the chaos that arises after America is plunged into darkness from an EMP. This is only the start of the story. But the story has an ending. Book 4 of this sprawling tale has been published. Book 5 should be available in March of 2019. And the glorious, stunning, yet horrific ending is in sight. 

If you are tired of unrealistic apocalyptic tales, then this is the book for you. I 'm sure you will read the rest of the novel. It is a realistic tale of what one man does after America is hit with an EMP. This man tries to follow his core values as he gathers his family to his remote mountain farm. The decisions he has to make are heart rending. The story is told in vivid detail and will truly make you rethink how a societal collapse event will change the world.

You may think that people will flock to the forests in search of game. Or will the farms be the targets? Will the million dollar bunkers keep the wealthy secure? Will a basic prepper be able to keep his stock of food safe from the starving masses? This series of books sheds new light on those questions. How well prepared are you?

Van Sickel books are exciting novels portrays our modern day world suddenly stripped of its technology due to an EMP attack on America. It uniquely has its setting in the author's home location of Johnstown Pennsylvania, complete with all the actual towns and roads. Righteous Gathering will make you aware of Electromagnetic Pulse and its repercussions. For this reason alone, beyond the adventures, I would say it is a good book to put on the required reading list. Book one is just the beginning. There is more to com.

Dr John W Rowles 


I've now read both Book 1 - "Righteous Gathering" and Book 2 - "Righteous Bloodshed", and am really

looking forward to Book 3! Like the author Tim Van Sickel, we also live in the area, so my mind easily


followed where the book's action was taking place - and there sure was a lot of action! I've spent a fair


amount of time thinking about what to do if we were impacted by an EMP, and the books stories might be


predicting our future sooner than we think, and how the characters in the story dealt with the EMP


might soon be our story. No matter where you live you'd be impacted. They're both well written, action


packed, perfect for Christians and definitely timely. 


Blessings, Chuch Gough